Prioritization-based Bandwidth Allocation for MOST networks

TitlePrioritization-based Bandwidth Allocation for MOST networks
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2013
AuthorsAlderisi, G., G. Iannizzotto, G. Patti, and L. Lo Bello
Conference Name18th IEEE International Conference on Emenring Technologies & Factory Automation (ETFA)
Date Published09/2013
Conference LocationCagliari, Italy

The Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) network currently represents the de-facto standard for in-vehicle multimedia and infotainment. MOST does not provide support for the stream priority, and bandwidth allocation is made based on the arrival order of the bandwidth allocation requests, irrespective of the stream importance.
This work proposes a novel approach for allocating bandwidth to multimedia streams on a MOST150 network. The approach introduces in MOST the stream priority, which is used to reserve bandwidth for each stream according to its importance, and exploits the ability for dynamically changing the bandwidth needs of multimedia streams through variable bitrate compression. This approach is useful to efficiently allocate bandwidth on a MOST 150 network supporting, together with multimedia streams, also bandwidth-greedy applications, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADASs).

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